NightF (nightfurson) wrote in bad_equines,

Meh, a pic of my char!

Meh, I made a pic of my char... it came out pretty well. I'm throwing it here 'cause it seemed appropriate, and it lets folks know me better.
Image hosted by
C'mon critters, get drawing! Doodle up a storm... I still haven't heard from all the folks in this group, much less the pissed off gryphons lurking in the member list, lol. Everybody, EVERYBODY, tell us about yourselves!

*Thinks hard*

And just so I don't break rules on our info page, what is the textbook/internet definition of "Trolls"? I wanted to make a more scathing and interesting post, but I thought mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Lol. it seems to be one of those unwritten rules like "Never talk about fight club".

Draw, folks!

*Thinks harder*

O right... there was the previous request for folks to draw and post their favorite food... I'm still trying to find time to draw and post a pic entitled "Marshmallows" for you folks. If I can get it done, much less correctly, it should be a lil' twisted and evil, Lol.

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