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Bad Equines
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Equines out for Blood's LiveJournal:

Sunday, November 11th, 2007
4:14 pm
Hello there folks. Long time, no post. This is your friendly moderator here at bad_equines, getting ready to do some housecleaning.

I am getting ready to breathe some life into this community again, now that I have some time to spare, as I've spent some time tracking down some interesting articles pertaining to ancient horses of the bloodthirsty type that are quite interesting

Now. To the unpleasant bit of housekeeping.

I noticed some drama over in the therianthropy community regarding bestiality. I have decided to address this issue before it becomes a problem here. Practicing bestiality will never, EVER be condoned by this community, regardless of spiritual/emotional/psychological reasons. Such an act is on par with the most cruel of animal abuse, and I will permanently ban anyone from this community posting about it, as well as notify other communities of the incident should the issue ever come up. In essence, the stance of this community on bestiality is zero tolerance.

Comments have been disallowed on this entry to prevent drama. If you have concerns over this, you may contact me privately at mareofthunder at yahoo dot com. This new zero-tolerance policy will be extended to anyone who tries to drag this issue out in subsequent posts, or flame me, and/or other members of this community.

End housekeeping.

Well, that's about all folks. I have some art for your perusal - both my own, and others - I hope to have posted sometime next week.

Have a nice day, y'all.


Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, February 11th, 2007
2:51 am
Great Game
Definately worth checking out, Great members and the owner is always on. Plus it takes very little time to play, maybe 10 minutes a week!
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
2:34 am
Evil unicorn
Not my work, but certainly relevant to the group.

Friday, September 9th, 2005
11:18 pm
Meh, a pic of my char!
Meh, I made a pic of my char... it came out pretty well. I'm throwing it here 'cause it seemed appropriate, and it lets folks know me better.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
C'mon critters, get drawing! Doodle up a storm... I still haven't heard from all the folks in this group, much less the pissed off gryphons lurking in the member list, lol. Everybody, EVERYBODY, tell us about yourselves!

*Thinks hard*

And just so I don't break rules on our info page, what is the textbook/internet definition of "Trolls"? I wanted to make a more scathing and interesting post, but I thought mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Lol. it seems to be one of those unwritten rules like "Never talk about fight club".

Draw, folks!

*Thinks harder*

O right... there was the previous request for folks to draw and post their favorite food... I'm still trying to find time to draw and post a pic entitled "Marshmallows" for you folks. If I can get it done, much less correctly, it should be a lil' twisted and evil, Lol.

Saturday, August 27th, 2005
12:08 pm
Bad Attitude
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thought this drawing was appropriate to post here. (still unfinished)

Friday, August 19th, 2005
10:49 am
I return
Okay, I'm back, and I've got predictable internet access.

So, I've got a drawing challenge for all of you artistically oriented people out there who love bad equines...

Everyone has a favorite food. Mine just happens to be Kentucky Fried Gryphon, preferably still on the wing.... or claw.



So... what is everyone else's favorite food? (drawings are preferable) Remember to be creative, and have fun!

Monday, August 15th, 2005
6:38 pm
Well, because I'm bored...

Character desriptions! sans ref pics because I'm too lazy to look up the URLs for them atm. ha.

SleipnirCollapse )

Raziel RowanfalCollapse )
9:07 am
Welcomes and other stuff.
As the Mod of this community, I would like to welcome all our new members that I've noticed appearing on the community information page. I would like to encourage character description posts, art, poetry...etc as I'm going to try to set up for a few art contests and the like in the somewhat near future.

If you have ideas for contests or fun things to do, please feel free to post about them. As the case with most communities, I encourage all newcomers to take a gander at the simple rules posted on the community information page.

In other news, I shall be MIA for a few days to a week depending upon how soon I can have my dorm room up and running again.

...I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

10:37 am
I'm new here, hurrah.
Ah, heya folks, I stumbled on this place, and figured I would HAVE to get into it, lol.

I'm 21, and I'm an open minded optimist to a point of madness, and I do have a couple dark, chaotic, and violent streaks in me somewhere, heh... it doesn't stop me from being nice though (What a great/safer thing that is, lol). I'm the sorta guy that would give you "huggles" on rough day, hold open doors for you, and talk you through your problems... I'm also the kinda guy to cover your back when things get rough, or plow down doors/walls/living-obstacles if it were to have a positive effect, lol. If you need another optimist on your friend list, or someone to pick you up when you fall, add me. If you need another acting-like-he-knows-kung-fu person by your side, call me.

Hmm...well, I like being open about stuff...one of my other big draws for being here, is that I'm a recovering schizophrenic... goodness knows I'm back to one personality already though, lol. I used to be a big tangled mess of emotions and drives...it's all back together now, by cramming the nine of them into one... it does mean I'm a cheerful optimist, but with a wild side, and it's a part of me I have to pay attention to, accept and acknowledge, rather than bury. If anything about this disturbs or worries you, you can read more about it in the "Deep Thoughts" section of my memories page, and more about me on my info page. I like to confirm stuff with myself out in the open, and let people know me better, 'cause I creep them out otherwise. Anyway, much like a smelly room, my mind needs open doors and windows like this place to air out. Thank yooo ^_^... and no, that smell wasn't me, lol.

Right...the last thing I guess, is that I'm going with the "Talent and wisdom through osmosis" theory... so I'm learning what I can about the things that interest me, and surrounding myself with artists, scholars, and etc. LJ is working great for this. So if you have something to say, show, or enlighten me with, I'll be sure to listen. Bomb me with info.

Coolz...that's about it from me, Lol. I look forward to good times here, nice meeting and finding you folks.

*Prepares for a tidal wave of drama* lol.

Current Mood: Optimistic
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
2:05 am
Well, this community looks like fun! Hey everyone. :)

And, i figure i'll post something that you might enjoy:

And, if posting something with tastefully mild nudity is bad, tell me and i will put it behind a cut.

Anyhow, like i said, hey! *flomps*
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
11:09 am
First time poster! I don’t have any time right now to do a nice finished piece of bloody equine art but I figured a sketch will do =) I hope you all enjoy.

title or description

Ain’t she cute?

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
9:24 pm
Too much meat and not enough equines around to eat it..!

Err.. that's best read as: Hello, glad to join the community, how are you all today?
Monday, July 18th, 2005
7:18 pm
*listens to cricket chirp*
So... are there really any bad equines out there?

We could use some posts here.

Saturday, May 28th, 2005
6:21 pm
Introduction/description posts.
Well, looks like we've got a few members here, but no introduction posts. So, I'll go first.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm an artist who commonly goes by the alias 'The Buckskin Mare', or MAre for short. Until very recently, I was a buckskin-colored horse with green eyes. But recent events have changed my image a bit.

Mare is an anthro horse with the markings of a zorse. Her arms, legs, nose, tail, mane, and ears are all deep black, fading into a bright coppery brown in the head, neck and body. The stripes are most prominent across her shoulders, forehead and rump, the larger of these stripes shot through the middle with pure white. Her hooves are light tan in color with some black striping down the hoof walls. Her black mane is short and roached, and her tail short and sparse. Her eyes are still a vivid forest green, and there are bright white spots adorning the back of her gently rounded ears, much like the back of a tiger's ears. She occasionally wears jewelry, but usually prefers to do without. She also retains the elongated tushes of her predecessor form, making her appear to have fangs protruding from her upper jaw.

She dosn't have too much of a history as of yet, but like her previous incarnation, loves causing a fair amount of chaos, confusion, and destruction. Those who know her may testify to her agressive and tenacious attitude, as well as her odd habit of consuming prey items at random, and frequent intervals.

Feel free to add description posts. These may be useful as we get more members for art projects and the like in the future.
Friday, May 27th, 2005
3:13 pm
Welcome to Bad Equines.
Until I get this community a little more set up, welcome to Bad Equines!

This is a place for all you horses and horse lovers with that little spark for being a bad equine. Please feel free to share art, stories, poems, and anything else regarding us evil equines.

Your friendly deamon-horse moderator is: equine_nike
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