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Bad Equines

Gryphons: The other white meat!

Equines out for Blood
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This is a community specially for horses and equines with that discerning taste for blood, havoc, and chaos.

Think horses and other equines are just good for pulling carts and using for gryphon-bait? Guess again. In the tradition of the man-eating Thracian Horses, we are here to kick back, relax, and have some fun with other blood-loving equines.

Just a few rules to abide by:

- No Flaming. Violation of this will result in anything from a warning to an insta-ban from me.
- Be Respectful. We've got a lot of people from different walks of life here. Please be respectful of each's opinion.
- Keep Spam to a minimum. While I like that people like to post about other things and places, this is a community for equine-related stuff. Try to keep it that way, please.
- No Trolling. I am a very cranky old nag, and I don't appreciate people who troll and cause trouble. Any trolling with earn the reward of an insta-ban, as I have zero tolerance for that sort of behavior.

Other than that, have fun!

equine_nike Is your local deamon-horse moderator.