Claws n' Jaws (equine_nike) wrote in bad_equines,
Claws n' Jaws

Introduction/description posts.

Well, looks like we've got a few members here, but no introduction posts. So, I'll go first.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm an artist who commonly goes by the alias 'The Buckskin Mare', or MAre for short. Until very recently, I was a buckskin-colored horse with green eyes. But recent events have changed my image a bit.

Mare is an anthro horse with the markings of a zorse. Her arms, legs, nose, tail, mane, and ears are all deep black, fading into a bright coppery brown in the head, neck and body. The stripes are most prominent across her shoulders, forehead and rump, the larger of these stripes shot through the middle with pure white. Her hooves are light tan in color with some black striping down the hoof walls. Her black mane is short and roached, and her tail short and sparse. Her eyes are still a vivid forest green, and there are bright white spots adorning the back of her gently rounded ears, much like the back of a tiger's ears. She occasionally wears jewelry, but usually prefers to do without. She also retains the elongated tushes of her predecessor form, making her appear to have fangs protruding from her upper jaw.

She dosn't have too much of a history as of yet, but like her previous incarnation, loves causing a fair amount of chaos, confusion, and destruction. Those who know her may testify to her agressive and tenacious attitude, as well as her odd habit of consuming prey items at random, and frequent intervals.

Feel free to add description posts. These may be useful as we get more members for art projects and the like in the future.
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