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Hello there folks. Long time, no post. This is your friendly moderator here at bad_equines, getting ready to do some housecleaning.

I am getting ready to breathe some life into this community again, now that I have some time to spare, as I've spent some time tracking down some interesting articles pertaining to ancient horses of the bloodthirsty type that are quite interesting

Now. To the unpleasant bit of housekeeping.

I noticed some drama over in the therianthropy community regarding bestiality. I have decided to address this issue before it becomes a problem here. Practicing bestiality will never, EVER be condoned by this community, regardless of spiritual/emotional/psychological reasons. Such an act is on par with the most cruel of animal abuse, and I will permanently ban anyone from this community posting about it, as well as notify other communities of the incident should the issue ever come up. In essence, the stance of this community on bestiality is zero tolerance.

Comments have been disallowed on this entry to prevent drama. If you have concerns over this, you may contact me privately at mareofthunder at yahoo dot com. This new zero-tolerance policy will be extended to anyone who tries to drag this issue out in subsequent posts, or flame me, and/or other members of this community.

End housekeeping.

Well, that's about all folks. I have some art for your perusal - both my own, and others - I hope to have posted sometime next week.

Have a nice day, y'all.

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