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Well, because I'm bored...

Character desriptions! sans ref pics because I'm too lazy to look up the URLs for them atm. ha.

Sleipnir is a big black demon-horse yay. partly incorporeal, so it's hard to see his exact form. But he's got sharp teefs and a dragon-like tail and and two pairs of front legs and his back legs split at the ankle to end in two more pairs of feets.

He's actually got three-toed feet, but the toes are more like thick, heavy claw-hooves. Yeah.

His eyes are white and glowy and liek whoa. He's also got dragon wings. :}

He's a sly SOB. His badness is more from that sly behavior than outright bloody carnage (although he'll certainly go for that, too). He's about the size of a Fresian or however the heck you spell it. Bah.

Raziel Towanfal is a Lykosian ceraptre! Er...a ceraptre is like a winged unicorn crossed with a porcupine. Something like that.

He's just an average-sized equine, perhaps even a bit on the small side. His body is a dark or liver chestnut (http://greenfield.fortunecity.com/dreams/799/hc/red.htm), with flaxen mane and tail. He has feathered wings, which are golden (as are his hooves).

Male ceraptres are spiky and known for their horrid tempers--they are basically non-tameable (although Raziel is ridden by a wizard, but that's a long story). Raziel is no exception. In fact, he even adds 'self-centeredness' and 'arrogance' to the mix. He /insists/ on people using his full name, although very few actually do.

Okay, spiky. All his spikes are a goldish off-white color. Yes. He has three slightly recurving horns on his forehead; they aren't very long, but definitely strong and sharp. The first two are rather short, while the third (which is set slightly behind his eyes) is much longer.
There is a small sequence of spikes over his hips.
He has a large, backwards-facing spike on each shoulder (similar to something like a Kentrosaurus, but not that large-- http://critters.pixel-shack.com/WebImages/crittersgallery/Kentrosaurus.jpg).
Two smaller spikes on his chest, that face upward.
Small knobs on his knees (front and back legs) that aren't quite spikes.
Spurs on the ankles and fetlocks.

There's probably a half-dozen other small spikes I've forgotten. whoops.

Raziel's an ear elemental, although I think he has some lightning thrown in there as well.
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